Nyah by Andy Leigh

Audio by naoyatodo

Animated by Matt Bixler

Someone wrote about me!  Apparently about a month ago io9 did a really nice writeup about Webcomics, Animated!  Between this and the huge response from the Ava’s Demon community, I’m starting to feel pretty proud of the response I’m getting.

Thank you everyone who’s reading!  Thank you Lauren Davis, you’re aces!

Sorry, but life got in the way, and I don’t have an update ready!  As an act of contrition, have a look at a couple of other comics I ended up not going with.  If nothing else I hope this might give a peek into how I do these.

The first one is from Octopus Pie, featuring Eve in one of her most adorable moments.  Here’s the comic it’s from, and here’s the piece I ended up making instead.

The second is from Oglaf.  Here’s the original comic, and here’s an Oglaf animation I ended up coloring recently.

Sorry for the delay, I’ll have some pretty stuff whipped up next week!  Please look forward to it!