News!  I’ve gotten to join the Chanel Frederator Network!  For the next year I’ll be posting more full cartoons to my youtube channel, therealmattbixler.  This means I’ll be stretching my recording, editing, and boarding muscles a LOT over the next few months, and I’m really looking forward to it.  However, this means that Webcomics, Animated will be going on a hiatus for a while.

Doing Webcomics, Animated for the last few months has been great for me.  It helped me find my rhythm for getting work done, added more animation to my reel than I’d made throughout my entire college career, and helped me rediscover how much I love just putting my pen down and making things move.

I’m really looking forward to putting more stuff out, and I’ll be keeping you guys up to date with sketches and outtakes and in-process bits and whatever else.  Keep following me to see more stuff, and subscribe to my channel to see all these when they come out!


Hey everyone!

Like it says above, WA is going on break for a little while.  I’m hoping that I’ll have the time to do a stray update or two, but in the meantime, I’d like to open a call for submissions!

If you’re an animator who wants to take a crack at prettying up a webcomic, drop me a line in my askbox!  I’ll work out details later, for now I just want to gauge interest.

Running this tumblr since December has been a blast, thank you to everyone who shared it with me. You’ll be seeing more from me soon!


Nyah by Andy Leigh

Audio by naoyatodo

Animated by Matt Bixler

Someone wrote about me!  Apparently about a month ago io9 did a really nice writeup about Webcomics, Animated!  Between this and the huge response from the Ava’s Demon community, I’m starting to feel pretty proud of the response I’m getting.

Thank you everyone who’s reading!  Thank you Lauren Davis, you’re aces!